Noah’s Story

Noah---My son Noah was born in October 1998.  When we took him for his one week check-up, the doctor informed us that he heard a heart murmur.  Due to the nature of the sound, he decided to send Noah for an echocardiogram (echo).

When I got the results back, I was overwhelmed with what the doctors were telling me.  The doctor explained that Noah had what is called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).  Basically, he had a hole in his tiny little heart.  The doctor explained that based on the echo they did locally, the hole appeared to be the size of a pen cap and, he wanted to send us to a pediatric specialist to get a better look.  I was terrified!  When you consider that a baby’s heart is the size of a walnut and his heart had a hole the size of a pen cap, this news can sound fairly frightening.  When we took him for his second echo, it was discovered that the hole was in fact not as large as they originally thought.  Due to this fact, they did not recommend closing the hole surgically, many times this type of defect can close on its own, and we would know by the time he was two years old if it would in fact close.

Over the next several years, the cardiologist kept a close eye on him by doing follow-up visits every six months.  By the time he was two, it was determined that the hole was not going to close on its own. The doctors felt that due to the size of the hole that it did not need to be closed; Noah’s body was tolerating it well and he could lead a perfectly normal life without concern.  Noah is now 15 years old. Like most 15 year old boys they are a blur of activity. Noah is involved with lots of sports from baseball, basketball and soccer. Yes, like most boys he has had his bumps and minor breaks but no major issues. He still has his VSD, however it has not slowed him down one bit.

Noah is still monitored by a cardiologist on a regular basis.