Our Journey

Our Family

Our Family

My journey to Mended Little Hearts started before I even knew it!  I am a parent of two children with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).  My son, Noah was diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) when he was just one week old, and my daughter, Eden was diagnosed with Complete AV Canal defect (CAVC) when she was one month old.  Both have entirely different journeys and experiences with their CHD, but both have a story that can help other parents/children in similar situations.

When my husband and I had to experience our daughter having open heart surgery at just two months old, we were filled with many terrifying emotions.  We felt comforted by the overwhelming support we had from our family, friends, and church but also recognized that no one truly knew what we were going thru or what to say.

Since this time I have felt a strong calling in my life to help others in similar situations as ours.  I was not sure what this venture would be and have come across various opportunities that just didn’t seem to fit until I stumbled across Mended Little Hearts. As I started reading about the group and testimonies from families I knew this was something I needed to do; something our community needs; something I wish we would have had–a community of people who are all going thru similar situations and can lean on each other for support.  So Mended Little Hearts of South Central PA is born.


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